Collapse Statistics
241 human active and 13 inactive phosphatases in total;
194 phosphatases have substrate data;
336 protein substrates;
83 non-protein substrates;
1215 dephosphorylation interactions;
299 KEGG pathways;
876 Reactome pathways;
last scientific update:
11 Mar, 2019
last maintenance update:
01 Sep, 2023


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Entry nameUniProt ACHistoric ClassSCOP FoldEC numberCATH IDSuperfamilyFamilyActivity status
ACP1P24666Class II Cys-based PTPs -> LMWPTPCC23.1.3.2, II Cys-based PTPsLMWPTPactive
ACP2P11117Histidine acid phosphataseHP3. phosphatase (HP)NAactive
ACP4Q9BZG2Histidine acid phosphataseHP3. phosphatase (HP)NAactive
ACP5P13686Purple acid phosphatasePPPL3.
ACP6Q9NPH0Histidine acid phosphataseHP3. phosphatase (HP)NAactive
ACP7Q6ZNF0Purple acid phosphatasePPPL3.
ACPPP15309Histidine acid phosphataseHP3.1.3.2, phosphatase (HP)NAactive
IMPA1P29218Inositol monophosphataseCP3., (AFIxP)NAactive
IMPA2O14732Inositol monophosphataseCP3., (AFIxP)NAactive
IMPAD1Q9NX62Inositol monophosphataseCP3., (AFIxP)NAactive
INPP5FQ9Y2H2SAC domain familyCC13.1.3.25NASAC domain phosphatasesNAactive
NANPQ8TBE9HAD-like hydrolaseHAD3.
PXYLP1Q8TE99Histidine acid phosphataseHP3. phosphatase (HP)NAactive