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241 human active and 13 inactive phosphatases in total;
194 phosphatases have substrate data;
336 protein substrates;
83 non-protein substrates;
1215 dephosphorylation interactions;
299 KEGG pathways;
876 Reactome pathways;
last scientific update:
11 Mar, 2019
last maintenance update:
01 Sep, 2023


DEPOD - Substrate Search Result

Protein substrate

Entry_name Gene_namesUniProtIDDescription
SMAD3SMAD3, MADH3SMAD3_HUMANMothers against decapentaplegic homolog 3;MAD homolog 3;Mad3;Mothers against DPP homolog 3;hMAD-3;JV15-2;SMAD family member 3;SMAD 3;Smad3;hSMAD3;
SMAD2SMAD2, MADH2, MADR2SMAD2_HUMANMothers against decapentaplegic homolog 2;MAD homolog 2;Mothers against DPP homolog 2;JV18-1;Mad-related protein 2;hMAD-2;SMAD family member 2;SMAD 2;Smad2;hSMAD2;
SMAD1SMAD1, BSP1, MADH1, MADR1SMAD1_HUMANMothers against decapentaplegic homolog 1;MAD homolog 1;Mothers against DPP homolog 1;JV4-1;Mad-related protein 1;SMAD family member 1;SMAD 1;Smad1;hSMAD1;Transforming growth factor-beta-signaling protein 1;BSP-1;