Collapse Statistics
241 human active and 13 inactive phosphatases in total;
194 phosphatases have substrate data;
336 protein substrates;
83 non-protein substrates;
1215 dephosphorylation interactions;
299 KEGG pathways;
876 Reactome pathways;
last scientific update:
11 Mar, 2019
last maintenance update:
01 Sep, 2023


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KEGG Pathway

Pathway ID Pathway Name
hsa04115p53 signaling pathway - Homo sapiens (human)

Reactome Pathway

Pathway ID Pathway Name
R-HSA-5628897TP53 Regulates Metabolic Genes
R-HSA-6796648TP53 Regulates Transcription of DNA Repair Genes
R-HSA-6803204TP53 Regulates Transcription of Genes Involved in Cytochrome C Release
R-HSA-6803205TP53 regulates transcription of several additional cell death genes whose specific roles in p53-dependent apoptosis remain uncertain
R-HSA-6803207TP53 Regulates Transcription of Caspase Activators and Caspases
R-HSA-6803211TP53 Regulates Transcription of Death Receptors and Ligands
R-HSA-6804114TP53 Regulates Transcription of Genes Involved in G2 Cell Cycle Arrest
R-HSA-6804115TP53 regulates transcription of additional cell cycle genes whose exact role in the p53 pathway remain uncertain
R-HSA-6804116TP53 Regulates Transcription of Genes Involved in G1 Cell Cycle Arrest
R-HSA-6804754Regulation of TP53 Expression
R-HSA-6804756Regulation of TP53 Activity through Phosphorylation
R-HSA-6804757Regulation of TP53 Degradation
R-HSA-6804758Regulation of TP53 Activity through Acetylation
R-HSA-6804759Regulation of TP53 Activity through Association with Co-factors
R-HSA-6804760Regulation of TP53 Activity through Methylation
R-HSA-6811555PI5P Regulates TP53 Acetylation
R-HSA-69541Stabilization of p53
R-HSA-69563p53-Dependent G1 DNA Damage Response